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Stashic Testimonials

Our Clients Know Best

Smell Proof Lockable Case

Safe and secure

Purchased it for my housemate, he has some seriously smelly stuff and it always worries me when the landlord comes round. He loves the box and I love that our house doesn’t smell 24/7. Lock is good too, I’m not as worried about having family over either. Definitely recommend as a gift for the smoker in your life!


Bamboo Stash Box

Excellent quality bamboo stash box

As stated this is excellent quality and I was not disappointed with what I received. It has great build quality and the varnish finish gives it a lovely smooth feel over the bamboo. The staining of the exterior bamboo gives a lovely contrast to the box. All the pieces fit very well together and the recessed hinges look wonderful. It is very well packaged, secured and padded. I am very pleased with it.


Smell Proof Large Lockable Case

No smell whatsoever

Excellent piece of kit absolutely smell proof.

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